Selected Fossils

We have a few remaining genuine fossils, all responsibly sourced.
We supply information cards with all our fossils, some of which are illustrated alongside the fossils to which they refer.

We sell these online but prices exclude postage.
Below is a small selection of what we normally have available.
A 1 coin is included in some photos to show the scale.


Fossil fish - SOLD OUT

Knightia Alta fossil fish -
30 each - only one left
50 million years old - Green River Formation Wyoming, USA
(matrix is 6 inches across)


Mosasaur Jaws - 30 each - one only left
These part jaws from Morocco are on a matrix measuring approximately 6 by 5 inches.
Measuring between 19 and 50 feet long, these swimming reptiles are known as the T-Rex of the Seas.


Fossil shark's teeth - about 20 million years old - from 5 each - only two left.

Sharks are the oceans' most successful predators. These fossil teeth comes from sharks that lived over 20 million years ago.
As sharks have no bones, only cartilage, their teeth are the only part that survives as fossils.


Postage will be added at cost for online purchases.

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