Coins of the Roman Republic

Silver denarii

Denarii were the standard silver coins of the Republic and of the first and second centuries AD.
25 denarii made 1 golden aureus and one denarius was worth 4 sestertii
A typical denarius measures approximately 18 mm in diameter and weighs between 3 and 3.5 grams.


Julius Caesar, Dictator 49 to 44 BC

Caesar was a successful general who conquered Gaul and twice raided Britain before his recall to Rome. He then defeated his rival Pompey and was elected "Dictator for Life" by the Senate, but some Senators (jealous or fearing his proposed reforms) assassinated him after only 5 years.


Mark Antony, Dictator 43 to 33 BC

Mark Antony defeated Caesar's assassins in a civil war and made
sure the Senate did not return to Republican government but was himself defeated in a second civil war by Caesar's nephew Octavian to whom the Senate gave the title 'Augustus' (= the revered one)


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